PYROMASSE enr.The residence's fireplace and oven

The residence's fireplace and oven

The original granite fireplace. The lintel over the avaloir is one piece of granite.
The red deposits in the corners of the lintel support pillars are evidence of a gang of hippy squatters who briefly occupied the building during a time of prolonged disuse. A typical crime of the times, the fireplace was painted dark pink.

The masonry housing of the oven protruding into the lean-to barn on the side of the house.

The top of the oven housing. The oven's vaulted bake chamber is covered with a 75 cm thick layer of sand.

The start of a priming fire in the oven.

In this instance the oven is only being fired for the purpose of observation. Normally the fire would be much larger, and fed exclusively with faggots.

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