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The facing brick were taken from a recently demolished out building, and are 200 years old. A contraflow Takka built in Deauville QC during the summer of 1995. The chimneys connector is of castable refractory concrete. The site is situated in a small hamlet in the Massif de Megal Haute Loire, about 2 km from the ancient pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostella.

The construction articles on these pages illustrate only my own personal experience and are not necessarily proven standards employed by other stove builders.
The intention of the articles is to assist the auto constructor by providing a basic map of the trade and materials, and illuminating what has traditionally been a closed, protected, and peripheral profession.
Any feedback, positive or negative, from those who have benefited from these articles is welcome and will be posted on a linked page from the relevant article.

Marcus Flynn

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