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Finnish style masonry heater faced with reproduction antique bricks. The column to the right acts as the system's chimney. The heaters core and the cookstove on the opposite side of the wall to the chimney. A prefabricated core kit faced in 'Jaundre Adirondac' and 'Rose Arc En Ciel' sandstone. A see through contraflow masonry heater built between two rooms.

Construction Services within Quebec

  1. Construction of masonry heaters, cookstoves and ovens from foundation to chimney top, in new or inhabited residences.
  2. Construction only of the Refractory core, with back- up for the client or mason who would face the core, build the chimney, install the cast iron doors, and prepare a foundation. This allows the auto-constructor to be assured that the complicated refractory core is built correctly with quality materials, while still allowing scope for expression and saving on the facing and chimney work.
  3. Consultation service in the form of email or telephone advice to auto-constructors who are confident enough to build but would like the possibility of daily contact with a professional.
Finnish style contraflow heater

A Finnish style contraflow heater by Pyromasse in 1996. Lakefield, Quebec.

International Construction Services: - Pyromasse offers a complete or partial international construction service.
This enables the home-owner to build a masonry heater in an area where there is no tradition of masonry heating, and therefore no trained builders. Enquiries can be replied to in French, English, and Spanish.


A Pyromasse heater is guaranteed for 5 years. This guarantee covers all materials and work. The guarantee is negated when :

  1. The heater is not fired according to normal masonry heater firing instructions.
  2. The house changes hands.
  3. The heater is used as a construction heater, before the house is finished.

Not covered by the guarantee:

  1. The exterior portion of the chimney which is susceptible to unpredictable weathering.
  2. The cast iron Upo grate, which will eventually have to be replaced.

Information: - General and specific information is provided where possible, in both French and English via the Pyromasse web site.

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