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There are fotos from Round-Baikal realroad, built in 1904-5 yrs. This road was formerly part of Trans-Siberian realroad, and it goes from Sludianka Station to Port-Baikal Station (where Angara-river starts from Baikal)

Baklani Station, here we stayed for few days.

Settlement “Maritui” situated in the middle of the railroad. Formerly big now time it is semi-abandonade. On foto – office of realroad engeneres (near 1904). We saw two heaters there – next 2 pict.

Only façade saved from this kaheloven

Heater with cookstove.

Maritui’s hospital will be cut fore the firewood by locals. There are heater, showen on the next pict.

Relegated to the stoves grave yard, this once proud heater stands robbed of its hardware.

The fire box and its arched cealing. Firebrick linning (wite coloure). Pay attention – there are no any interstice between firebrick and outer wall. Also outer walls reinforced by steel wires.

Alexander Batsulin



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