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Andrew Simpson provided the following images.

The oven is located in the department of Morbihan in Brittany.
Not much information is available locally.
The only person who remembers the oven being fired speaks of a special stone located just above the loading opening, that would change colour during firing, and so indicate that the oven was hot enough to use. The stone is said to be called blue stone, and come from a distant part of the country.

Note: The operator of the oven shown (Traditional Exterior Oven Brittany) also spoke of three special stones at the back of the bake chamber, which changed colour when the oven reached operating temperature. The two ovens are less than 100 miles from each other.

The granite bake house. Its roof was probably thatched until recently.

The ovens bake chamber is outside the bake houses rear gable, and covered with earth.

The loading opening in the bakehouse's rear wall, and oak beam supporting the avaloire.

The interior of the bake chamber is entirely of granite.

The location of the blue stone can clearly be seen above the loading opening. The actual stone had remained in place until recently.

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