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Water Feed

Rather than pumping water from the the saw pan itself water can be drawn from a remote reservoir into which it drains back from the saw pan. Being common practice in Russia, this was shown to me by Alexander Batsulin.

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A Huskvana MS355 set up to draw water from a plastic dust bin.

The advantage of taking water from a remote reservoir is longer blade life, and less frequent cleaning of sludge from the saw pan. If the pump takes water from the saw pan, even with regular cleaning, it is generally running in a pool of sludge.
In this case the pump is located in a plastic dust bin with the lid of the dust bin being used to conduct water from the saw pan to the reservoir.

The really heavy sludge is left in the saw pan or the slightly angled lid of the dustbin. The finer sludge makes its way to, and is deposited in the reservoir. As the volume of the reservoir is far greater than that of the saw pan most of the sediment sinks leaving the water at the top of the reservoir relatively clean. Note how clean the water is in the feed tube.

This set up has the water pump fixed to an expanded polystyrene float so that the pump stays on the surface even as the water level in the reservoir decreases.

Marcus Flynn


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