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Hand Crafted Quality Masonry Stoves by Pyromasse

Full Construction Service.

PRICE. A large hand built Finnish Takka contra-flow masonry heater with elevated masonry foundation of 9 feet in the basement. Full 30 foot brick chimney. In recycled brick, and fitted with Upo Finnish fabricated hardware, with clients choice of aesthetics. costs $23,000.00 plus taxes.

All work is undertaken by Marcus Flynn working alone for the duration of the project which is 5 weeks.

Marcus Flynn is : Member Moscow Stove Builders Guild.
RBQ Licence No 8335 8119 53
Companion en Masonry
I8 years continuous experience hand building stoves in Quebec.

The above service is complete and guaranteed not to cost more than $23.000.00 plus taxes. This is about the realistic total end cost of a prefabricated refractory core faced in brick, with foundation, and full brick chimney once everything has been included.

Examples of heaters that have cost $23,000.00

Mohawk Territory HD St Damien 2 HD

Bromont HD Montreal HD

Note: The upper chamber ovens seen in these images are an optional extra.

Details: Full Masonry Heater Construction Service.

Refractory Core:
A hand built over air fired contra-flow refractory core containing 550 FNS High Duty refractory brick.

Refractory Core Construction Sequence. 2006

Fire box:
The fire box consists of a two wythe wall of refractory brick allowing the inner wythe to be easily replaced if it becomes damaged in the future. Construction of the core takes 6 days.

Fire Box showing sloped floor and double walls

Facing: A choice of recycled dense schist- clay brick originally layed in 1900. Facing can take 2 weeks.

Dimensions: The finished heater measures 48 inches wide by 42.5 inches deep by 8 feet 4 inches high. (This is the largest masonry heater available in Quebec )

The service includes:

Full masonry chimney:
Full masonry chimney faced in recycled brick.
with shut off damper,
air entrained concrete cap,
and stainless steel rain hat.

Chimney construction takes 4 days.
Dimensions are 21 x17 inches.
See Chimneys

Top of the line Finnish fabricated glass and cast iron hardware by Upo
See Upo hardware

An elevated concrete block foundation in the basement which will act as an ash dump, accepting ash directly from the heater. Cleaned via a cast iron access door in the bottom of the foundation wall in the basement.
The heater is built upon a foundation slab cast onto the elevated block foundation, to sub floor level.
This slab protrudes 18 inches in front of the heaters fire box, and provides the non combustible flooring demanded by code.
This section of flooring is finished in brick at the height of the rooms finished floor.
Foundation construction takes 4 days.
See Foundation

Some advantages of a Pyromasse Hand Built Heater.

Hand building offers more flexibility in form size and height .
The full time hand builder will generally be way more qualified and have a fuller embrace of the trade than the mason who faces prefabricated cores, in between other masonry projects.

Prefabricated heaters are usually sold via a system of dealers working on commission. There for the person who sells the prefabricated core is not the person responsible for the ultimate execution of the project, and so can at best only approximately foretell the real end cost of the project.

A distributor of prefabricated heaters Is not at all responsible for the approximate end total cost of the installation quoted at the time of sale.
The total end cost of a Pyromasse heater is stated clearly on first contact and will not change as there are no other parties involved.

The only area ever to have been seen to deteriorate in a masonry heater, the fire box, is easily re-lineable in a Pyromasse stove.

There is no split responsibility when installing a Pyromasse heater.
Responsibility for the total project from start to finish rests entirely with Marcus Flynn and Pyromasse.

There is, after the architect and general contractor, only one party to coordinate regarding the heaters construction.

All of the heaters built by Pyromasse in Quebec during the last 18 years are fully operational today.

Though ultimately costing the same as a prefabricated heater, a hand built Pyromasse heater is a unique work executed by one of North America's most qualified and experienced stove builders.

Partial Construction Service.

Pyromasse offers an economical partial construction service, building only the heater and first 7 feet of masonry chimney.
This service costs $13,500.00 plus taxes.

This service includes:
A hand built contra-flow refractory core faced in recycled brick, and fitted with Upo Finnish fabricated hardware.
Dimensions of the heater are 48 inches wide by 36 inches deep and 7 feet high.

The 7 feet of masonry chimney with manual shut off damper and Stainless steel ULC certified anchor plate, on to which to attach a prefabricated chimney.

The client must provide their own foundation, and install a prefabricated, or masonry chimney, and finish the protective flooring in front of the fire box.


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