Chimney Connection #12

These images and text describe the connection of a masonry chimney to the side channel of a contra-flow masonry heater.

Refractory Brick


Ceramic Wool:
Superwool 607 HT By Thermal Ceramics.

A base course of clay brick is layed to the footprint of the stove and its chimney. A 20 by 20 cm clay flue tile is layed dry and aligned with the structure of the ceiling and roof above.

The first two bricks of the transmission tunnel were layed into the side channel as it was built.

The right 90° turn in the tunnel has the inside corner clipped and the outside corner filled to reduce drag. The space between the flue tile and the side channel allows for : 0.5 inch of back fill, 4 inches of facing brick 0.24 inch space between facing and chimney, and 4 inches of brick facing around the chimney.

The tunnel is closed. The wool gasket between the flue tile and tunnel walls acts as both an expansion and smoke gasket.

The second flue tile is layed in place. The tile is grouted to increase transfer. Note the wool gasket between the tile and the last brick of the tunnel. This avoids the tiles resting directly upon the tunnel and maintains the physical separation between the tunnel and chimney.

The finished stove and chimney faced in clay brick and lime mortar by Benaissa Sefiane.

Marcus Flynn


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