Chimney Connection #4

The chimney connection of this heater had to be just off centre of the right manifold. The double flu chimney to which the heater would be connected would contain 2 8x12 inch rectangular tiles, oriented with their short sides towards the heater. The second flue extends down through the concrete slab, where it serves a RWA in the basement.

The lower portions of the side channels are in Laprairie recycled burnt clay brick layed in refractory mortar.

The chimney will be built at the same time as the core is faced, though the connection from the manifold has to be made as the side channel is built.

A section of 8 x 12 inch flue tile is placed in position, and surrounded by a ribbon of ceramic wool. In this case Vesuvius's HP 6 half inch. The side channel is layed around the tile. The ceramic wool acts as both a smoke and expansion gasket.

View of the connection from above.

As the tile was placed up right, and the opening in the channel relatively short, (8 half inches) there was the possibility to bridge the opening with masonry, and avoid using an iron lintel. The two springers were each layed one inch over the line of the opening, reducing the opening to be bridged from 9 inches to 7. These two brick were skew cut back, to accommodate a single brick.

The opening is spanned by one brick also skew cut at each end, which acts as a jack arch.

The completed side chanel wall.

Marcus Flynn

Montreal 2007

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