Chimney Connection #2

Here a hand built refractory core had to be connected to an existing chimney of concrete brick. The chimney had an 8 inch diameter cast iron flu surrounded by vermiculite insulation. The only place to install a shut off damper was between the core and the chimney. Besides this being a limited space in which to install the damper, it was also the connection of the heater to the chimney.

The chimney was opened up and a stainless steel section of 7 inch stainless pipe used to enter the existing cast iron flue of the chimney.

With limited space between the core and the facing, the 8x8 inch cast iron shut off damper had to be installed in a manner that would withstand regular operation for years

The opening for the connection is spanned by a piece of quarter inch flat bar. The care in which the subsequent courses are layed will be crucial to the durability of the lintel and the sliding damper behind it.

The first course of the hearth bridges the rear manifold the whole of one corner resting upon the lintel.

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