Observations 11 Years Later

These images document the condition of a contraflow takka built in Sutton Q.C. in 2002.

The stove is 42.5 inches deep. 48 inches wide and 10 feet high.
It has been fired hard with over air every day by two different home owners.

Inside the fire box. The brick are Maryland MD layed in Mount Savage's Super High Mull. The grate is new, the original having burnt out after 10 years.

Note the destruction caused by gas attack on the side and rear wall of the liner. It is in these areas that extreme heat, different chemicals from different tree species within the wood load, and carbon monoxide are concentrated, hitting the walls at high velocity. Even after 11 years regular use this is relatively insignificant and the fire box is designed to be relinable with a minimum of trouble, should that become necessary in the future. As can be seen in the following images this is the only area in which the stove has suffered any form of progressive destruction.

View through the fire tube towards the capping slabs.

The shock crack running up the left of the lower fire tube has been there several years and is of little relevance. Many cores have a single shock crack running up the rear, or more often, one of the side walls. They probably represent an occasion when the stove was fired from cold with a large bottom up fire.

Marcus Flynn


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