Castable Refractory Concrete. Observations 20 years later.

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A Tempcast prefabricated contra flow refractory core faced with modern clay brick in the summer of 1994. Seen here in October 2014 after continuous daily seasonal use by the same operator.
The refractory core of this stove consists entirely of castable refractory concrete. The stove is fired with over air, via the door frame.

The fire box showing minimal destruction in the usual areas.
The hot water system was added at a later date, and is of little use according to the operator.

Detail of the destruction, on the surfaces directly adjacent to the wood load, and in particular the ember pile.

View up fire box towards the throat. The module that forms the lintel has a hairline crack which probably happened quite early in the stove's life and has been of no consequence.

Inside the direct oven. The last fire was quite small, and though hot enough to whiten the fire box, the oven chamber has remained black.

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