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Pyromasse Masonry Heaters Articles, Full List by Chronology

Articles are listed chronologically by most recent first. Click here for Articles by Category.

thumbnail 1994 Pamphlet

thumbnail Top Exit: Thermal Images

thumbnail Observations 15 years later

thumbnail The Ruins At Puddledock

thumbnail Over air conversion

thumbnail WaWaBar and Karata

thumbnail Moskitia: Field Notes

thumbnail Cleaning The Oven Of Philip Baker In Stanbridge East

thumbnail Sweet Men Of Stanbridge East

thumbnail Repair Detail 24 years later

thumbnail Castable Refractory Concrete. Observations 20 years later.

thumbnail Observations 18 Years Later #2

thumbnail Chimney Connection #13. Masonry Heater Construction In Australia

thumbnail Grind Slowly Moudre Fin in Stanbridge East

thumbnail Observations 16 Years Later

thumbnail Observations 11 Years Later

thumbnail Cocina Economica

thumbnail The day I met Jean Talon

thumbnail Prunet

thumbnail The Progressive Municipality of Pointe-Claire

thumbnail Ham

thumbnail Bypass. A superfluous Complication

thumbnail Observations 18 Years Later #1

thumbnail Observations In The Upper Chamber

thumbnail Ondol

thumbnail Birth Of A Steam Crack

thumbnail Brief biography of Ieosiv Samoelovich Podgoridnikov

thumbnail The Oven of Philip Baker in Stanbridge East

thumbnail We Are The Dead

thumbnail Les Potagers

thumbnail The Finds at Aoste

thumbnail The Oven At Doucy

thumbnail French Oven #4

thumbnail Martin Muñoz De Las Posadas

thumbnail Observations eight years later

thumbnail Community Ovens in the Massif de Megal

thumbnail Field Notes: Savoie

thumbnail Traditional exterior oven: Brittany

thumbnail Two Exterior Community Ovens: Savoie

thumbnail Observations Five Years Later

thumbnail Repair: Detail

thumbnail Operations in Auvergne 2003

thumbnail Clandestine Baking

thumbnail Project St. Laurent: 18th century house

thumbnail Traditional Exterior Bread Ovens on the Azuero Peninsula, Panama, C.A. (Field notes)

thumbnail Isla De Ometepe Nicaragua C.A. : Regarding Local Ovens

thumbnail The use of masonry heaters and ovens in Belarus today

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