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Ceramic Stove In Chateau Chambord

In 1745, King Louis XV placed the Marshall de Saxe in control of the estate at Chambord. In spite of the numerous open fireplaces in the large rooms, and ceramic stoves in the smaller rooms, the castle was still for the most part uncomfortably cold. In an attempt to remedy this, the Marshall ordered three large ceramic stoves from a manufacturer in Danzig.

During The Great Revolution of 1792, all three stoves were sold. The one illustrated was installed in the château at Huisseau sur Cusson.
In 1875, the Count of Chambord bought the stove and had it reassembled in the coffee room of Chambord where it had originally been installed by the Marshall. The stove was dissembled, moved, and rebuilt in another location within the château, briefly before being finally reassembled in its current and original location in 1880.

Ceramic Stove In Chateau Chambord - Fire-box

The stove must have had at least five rebuilds in three locations in 135 years.

The other two stoves were installed in the former bishop's residence at Blois, and the Abbey at Pontlevoy. They too though, have now been reacquired by the Chambord estate.

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