Heaters in The Temple

These Images and text are from Russian stove builder, Alexander F. Batsulin. 2008

St. Alexandr Nevskii temple

It is the st. Alexander Nevskii Temple.
It's situated in Moshonki vellage, Kaluga region (about 250 km from Moskou to the south). It have very uncommon arkitekture. It is simple round without any extensions. The inner diameter is 15 m. The were two heaters 100*120*350 cm. trere are channels fore room's air, going through the heater. It takes air near the floor and let it out at the top of heater. They belt from the small briks 18*85*30(15) mm. Pay attention - there are no any extension gasket, but it was working without craks. I don't understand.

Windows and the heater without kachel

Vault of the temple

Kachel (glazed tile) heater

The heater without kachel

The heater's channel

The firebox's vault

firebox and channels


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